In Pérez Alati, Grondona, Benites & Arnsten we are very proud to announce our new partner and four counselors: Andrés M. Galíndez will serve as a Customs Law partner; María Carolina Abdelnabe Vila as a counselor in Antitrust, Consumer Protection and Data Privacy; Nicole Jaureguiberry in Administrative Law and Conservation of Natural Resources; Danilo Parodi Logioco in Banking and Financial Law and Exchange Law; and Pia Politi in Technology and Data Privacy and Protection.

Andrés M. Galíndez is a member of the Customs Law and International Trade practice group which includes the advice and representation of our clients before General Customs Bureau, Tax Court of Appeals, Federal Courts and the National Supreme Court of Justice. His expertise includes customs related violation and crimes, disciplinary procedures, challenging of customs duties assessments, tax reimbursements, export benefits claims, customs clearance of goods, investigation on customs value of goods, matters related to the origin of imported goods, tariff classification, advice on national regulations and international treaties (GATT/Mercosur), special customs regimes, dumping procedures, import barriers, licenses, among others. Also provides specialized legal advice on Customs law in order to achieve the most suitable and efficient organization of business in each operation. Mr. Galíndez focus and address Custom matters related to the developing and implementation of legal structures of investment projects and transactions across our country and abroad, also provides assistance assistance regarding mergers and acquisitions processes, especially during Due Diligence procedures, in order to analyze and minimize any eventual customs contingency.

M. Carolina Abdelnabe Vila specializes in Antitrust and Competition matters advising domestic and international clients in complex and important economic concentrations. Besides she advises clients in connection with proceedings or investigations initiated by the local competent antitrust authorities. Moreover, she specializes in Consumer Protection matters helping clients to comply with said regime in an effective and proactive way. Also, she advises clients on how to resolve existing consumers’ disputes. Finally, she is part of the Data Protection and High-Tech practice team, providing advice on said regime and its compliance.

Nicole Jaureguiberry is a Public Law oriented lawyer with experience in Administrative, Regulatory, and Constitutional Law, and complex public law litigation cases. Moreover, in PAGBAM she leads the area of Conservation of Natural Resources. Mrs. Jaureguiberry has a broad expertise in government procurement, infrastructure projects, environmental law, and regulated industries. She indistinctly represents clients from the private and public sector.

Danilo Parodi Logioco is primarily focused on Project Finance, Mergers and Acquisitions, Banking &; Finance, and Foreign Exchange Regulations. He has taken part of numerous financing transactions, either corporate financing or project finances, counseling both financial entities and corporations. In addition, he counsels several corporations and financial institutions in debt restructuring, recapitalization processes, mergers, acquisition, and public offering matter.s.
Finally, he specializes in Foreign Exchange Regulation, helping a wide variety of clients in their foreign exchange queries and planning.

Pia Politi has developed her practice in Litigation area, advising on conflict resolutions in matters related to IT and Technology Law. She is also part of the Privacy & Protection of Personal Data Team, assisting companies develop privacy programs. In 2014 she was part of the team that represented Google Inc. at public hearings designated by Supreme Court of Justice in “Rodríguez, María Belén” case, achieving a unique and positive precedent that is currently rule for all the industry.