Consumer Protection and Advertisement

PAGBAM has become one of the leading firms in the field, advising numerous companies from different industries in this emerging matter.

Our Consumer Protection and Advertising practice group has a unique experience and talent due to our representation of many leading manufacturers, importers, distributors, retail companies, insurers and financial institutions.

In this sense, PAGBAM provides comprehensive advice on issues related to:

  • Out-of-court claims raised by consumers, either before the pertinent authority or the company itself;
  • Attendance at hearings before competent authorities;
  • Claims portfolio management;
  • Strategies for complying with different regulations;
  • How to deal with product liability (for example, recall processes);
  • Defense against class actions;
  • Claims related to the credit card regime;
  • Claims related to insurance activity;
  • Any other kind of complex consumer claims and actions filed by consumers individually or through consumer associations.

For additional information about our practice of Consumer Protection and Advertisement, please contact:

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