PAGBAM has an outstanding expertise in the energy sector. The experience and specialization of our team differentiate us from our competitors, giving us undoubted recognition as market leaders in this sector. We regularly advise companies related to a wide range of activities in the region, including oil and gas, mining, electricity and renewable energy.

Using this integrated approach, our team gives advice of the highest level in all phases of the business, including the exploration, production, transportation, distribution and commercialization of hydrocarbons. From the origins of the private power market, we have represented electricity generators and distributors, and we maintain a team deeply specialized in electricity regulations. We also provide assistance to our clients in connection with regulatory mining policies and the full spectrum of legal matters related to mining prospecting and exploration business.

We have responded to industry changes in the different jurisdictions through cycles of regulation and deregulation, and continue to advise clients on an on-going basis. Our broad experience ranging from strategic transactions to innovative investments places us at the forefront of cutting-edge legal developments and enables us to address the most challenging issues as they arise.

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