Ángel Estrada y Compañía S.A. (AESA), a leading Argentine manufacturer of school and office stationery products, successfully completed the placement and issuance in the local market of Series 9 Notes for an aggregate amount of ARS$ 269,242,352 (the Series 9 Notes or the Notes).

AESA was advised by Marval O’Farrell Mairal; while Cohen S.A., Banco Santander Río S.A., Banco de Galicia y Buenos Aires S.A.U. and Banco de Servicios y Transacciones S.A., which acted as arrangers and placement agents (collectively, the Arrangers) and Allaria Ledesma & Cía. S.A., which acted as placement agent (together with the Arrangers, the Placement Agents), were advised by Pérez Alati, Grondona, Benites & Arntsen.

The Notes were issued on August 23, 2021, under the Non-Convertible Simple Notes Program for up to USD$ 50,000,000 (or its equivalent in other currencies) (the Program). Series 9 Notes, denominated and payable in Pesos, bear a variable interest rate corresponding to the sum of the ‘Badlar Privada’ Rate and a 6,25 % Cut-off Margin. The Notes will mature on August 23, 2022.

AESA has been competing globally for over 145 years, offering top quality products, supporting education and office related ideas and content, accompanying technological progress and making efficient use of its resources, maximizing value creation for clients, employees, shareholders, suppliers and the community, within a strictly ethical framework.

Legal advisors to Ángel Estrada & Compañía S.A.:

Marval O´Farrell Mairal: Partners Juan Manuel Diehl Moreno and Sergio Tálamo. Associate Marina Rotman.

Legal advisors to the Arranges and Placement Agents:

Pérez Alati, Grondona, Benites & Arntsen: Partner Diego Serrano Redonnet. Associates Nicolás AberasturyNahuel Perez de Villarreal and Adriana Tucci. Paralegal  Jerónimo Juan Argonz. 

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