8 March 2021

Pérez Alati, Grondona, Benites & Arntsen (PAGBAM) and Brillo Abogados sign a professional cooperation agreement

Pérez Alati, Grondona, Benites & Arntsen (PAGBAM) and Brillo Abogados have entered into a professional collaboration agreement whereby Brillo Abogados has been  appointed as PAGBAM Associated Office in the province of Neuquén, thus allowing the joint rendering of services for clients with investments and presence in such province and the surrounding area.

The strategic decision of this association between both firms, whose excellence and leadership in the rendering of legal services has been broadly recognized by clients and local and international publications, is the result of years of joint work.

PAGBAM is a full-service law firm that for more than 30 years has specialized in advising local and foreign companies and organizations in all areas of law, standing out especially in the Energy area, both in regulatory and transactional aspects. From its offices in Buenos Aires (Argentina), New York (United States) and, recently, Santiago (Chile), PAGBAM provides coordinated legal advice with transactional capacity for local and international clients.

Brillo Abogados is a law firm with offices in the province of Neuquén that offers outstanding advice with the aim of providing creative and innovative solutions mainly in the local energy market.

This partnership will promote the exchange of lawyers and joint legal advice, with the possibility of having local experts and direct presence in the province of Neuquén, especially in the new developments in Vaca Muerta, for the benefit of local and international clients of both law firms with interests in such province. Likewise, it will allow both firms to extend their regional scope, promote synergies and combine the specialization of their professionals in the most diverse areas of law.

Guillermo Quiñoa, partner and member of the Executive Committee of Pérez Alati, Grondona, Benites & Arntsen: “We are proud to confirm our presence in the province of Neuquén, a strategic point in our country where we can now count on local experts with direct presence in the province". 

Luis Barry, partner and member of PAGBAM's Executive Committee: "Since PAGBAM is a comprehensive firm that stands out in the Energy area in its dual regulatory and transactional aspects, the location close to the new developments in Vaca Muerta is a great benefit for local and international clients with interests in such province" 

Eugenio Aramburu, the third member of PAGBAM's Executive Committee and partner of the firm: “With this new milestone, we continue to demonstrate and work hard to offer our clients strategic and innovative solutions to their more complex legal and commercial matters”.

Mariano Brillo from Brillo Abogados: "We assume this commitment with great responsibility and we thank PAGBAM for trusting our team to provide an excellent service in the province of Neuquén and its area of ​​influence".

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